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Hi there.

We at the Common Camera Project distribute hundreds of disposable cams with a simple set of instructions:

1. Take a pic of something
    that inspires you.

2. Pass the camera on to
    someone you trust.

3. If you're last, mail it back.

Weeks, months, years... We're prepared to wait, excited to find out how far our Common Cams will travel, and jealous of the sights they'll see. :) It's an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Wouldn't you like to know… 4 weeks 2 days ago, stickerbrawny checked in with CC#115 in 10 Arkansas, United States. // [link]
Woof! 13 weeks 5 days ago, sticksrummage checked in with CC#107 in 17 Arkansas, United States. // [link]
Ka-bam! 15 weeks 1 day ago, tittletattlebreak checked in with CC#103 in 85 American Samoa, United States. // [link]
Cool! 2 years 45 weeks ago, BraytonW1 checked in with CC#133 in Los Angeles , United States. // [link]